/ what is lumidesign /

lumidesign provides print and digital media design services for small and big companies. Our services include simple, creative and interactive design for tablet devices and smart phones, other design, such as, branding, CIS, web design, video/image editing, small scale animation, illustration and desktop publishing.

Being a multicultural team, we also offer small translation help for following languages: Finnish, English, Chinese.

In order to evolve our services and products, we engage in a dialogue with customers and listen to their wishes to make the best service and product suited to their needs.

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/ philosophy /

Simple design catches the reader’s eye. Creative touch lets you to be unique. Experience more with interactive.

/ about us /

Santtu Hirvonen / Visual Director, Co-Founder
Four years of Graphic Design studies, over 10 years of work experience in the field of graphic design and over 8 years of experience in digital publishing gives me good know-how and perspective on what a good design looks like and how it can be made. I have been working as a creative director, graphic designer and desktop publisher for the first digital magazine in Taiwan (MacToday).

Aleksi Hirvonen / Media Director, Co-Founder
Five years of Media Studies in Finland combined with Sociology and Education and over 10 years of working experience in media has given me first-rate knowledge and a quality perspective in the field of media in general. Now I have been working for over 6 years on the front line of digital publishing in Taiwan as a graphic designer and desktop publisher with my brother.