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This is like the coolest thing for a little while:
Creative content marketing firm neomam, has released seven 8-bit gifs from classic 1980s films. Intelligently, neomam & angie’s list, a home design firm, utilizes the iconic brands of these 7 films as portal to inspire an audience for retro aesthetics and pop-culture products to engage a market base that associates with those films in some capacity.

8-bit Star Wars

Read more about this awesome project:

Colo(u)rs play an important role in design process. Finding good color combinations are not as easy as it may look. Below you can find a couple websites that gives you nice ideas and inspiration finding a perfect color combination for yourself.

[ Colourlovers ]
[ Adobe Color Wheel ]

Interesting rebranding of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home by Pentagram. You can find more in the article about their rebranding.

Battersea Logo Grid

Battersea rebrand

What comes to typography, it's one of the most crucial element in design and design process. The hard work of choosing the right typeface especially comes out when you are creating bilingual project. A good example is Chinese language. Chinese typefaces usually include Western fonts but, to be honest, their style is not so visually appealing. Hereby, you end up having too different typefaces in your design and even in a paragraph: Chinese and Western in order to make your design look balanced.

A New-York-based designer and typographer TienMin Liao tries to change this bilingual obstacle. Her “Bilingual Lettering” project is a series of Latin-Kanji pairing studies for use in bilingual lettering and logotype. The project is a great example how to approach design/typography and create bilingual lettering in order to make visually balanced design.









Business cards don't always need to be made of paper. You need to be able to stand out from the crowd like this Finnish gentleman and a good friend of ours, Petri Hurme. An excellent example of use of different material on business card design.

In his words: "Burned with laser to birch. Various types of varnishes gives different contrast and colors to wood."

Vinkeä Design Oy business card

Vinkeä Design Oy business card