/ what is lumidesign /

Print and digital media design services and consulting for companies and everyone who needs design. Our services include, i.a., branding, CIS, web design, exhibition design, video/image editing, small scale animation, illustration and desktop publishing.

Being a multicultural team, we also offer small translation help for following languages: Finnish, English, Chinese.

In order to evolve our services and products, we engage in a dialogue with customers and listen to their wishes to make the best service and product suited to their needs.

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/ philosophy /

Simple design catches the reader’s eye. Creative touch lets you to be unique. Experience more with interactive.

Be more creative. Be more lumidesign.

/ about us /

Santtu Hirvonen | Visual Director, Co-Founder
周裕皓 |視覺總監
Four years of Graphic Design studies in Finland, over 14 years of work experience in the field of graphic design and over 8 years of experience in digital publishing give me good know-how and perspective on what good design looks like and how it can be made. Also, proud to work for the first digital magazine in Taiwan.

Aleksi Hirvonen | Media Director, Co-Founder
杜冠龍 |媒體總監
Five years of Media Studies in Finland combined with Sociology and Education and over 14 years of working experience in media and over 8 years of working experience from graphic design has given me first-rate knowledge and a quality perspective in the field of media in general.


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